Dare to be brave

Have you ever wondered why learning from childhood impacts us so much? One of the most adorable qualities I observed is being fearless. When they start walking, they fail multiple times, but every time they try it with the same energy and happiness. When they become aware that we are in bed, they start rolling over without considering the possibility of falling from the bed. There isn’t any fear.

One beautiful day, we were watching a movie on television in the hall together. My 14-month-old daughter and She had just recently learned to walk. She was playing with toys. After some time, she gave up on all of her toys and took the TV remote to play. The TV remote is a favorite of all toddlers, isn’t it? She was trying to explore the TV remote, which was a new toy for her. She was pressing the volume button, which went to 97. It was so loud! Isn’t it? She had no fear of the volume. It’s possible that she knew it was due to pressing the button. I took the remote from her hand and we started enjoying a movie at the moment.

She grabbed it again and started walking around. While watching the movie, In the meantime, I kept an eye on her. She then went outside to the balcony. Our balcony is made of glass with steel rods in between. The lower wall and the glass tile are separated by a gap. That gap was large enough for a toddler’s palm to pass through. She always plays there. This time it was new, she passed her palm with the TV remote she has in her hand and she just dropped it from the 4th floor of the building before I reached her. I looked down. You can imagine the condition of the Tv remote. The tv remote was broken into 4 parts. I then took her in my lap. I showed her what she did and made her understand so that it could not happen again.

Children are always fascinating and brave, We can’t even imagine it, yet they do it. They do it fearlessly. She wouldn’t have been able to learn what happens when we throw stuff from a great height if she hadn’t done this. We stopped trying and began to worry as we grew older. If we do this, this will happen; else, this will not work. Fear is accompanied by an endless number of thoughts. But if we thoroughly grasp something, we should at least try it without fear.

Be Brave, Be Fearless

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