Karm Sanyās Yog

The path of renunciation of actions

In this chapter, Shree Krishna compares karm sanyās yog (the path of renunciation of actions) with karm yog (the path of work in devotion).

he explains that the renunciation of actions is rather challenging and can only be performed flawlessly by those whose minds are adequately pure

Lord Shree Krishna then describes karm sanyās yog or the path of renunciation. He says that the karm sanyāsīs control their mind, intellect, and senses by performing several austerities.

By shutting out all their thoughts of external pleasures, they become free from fear, desire, and anger. And by including devotion to God in all their austerities, they attain long-lasting peace.

The karm yogis with a purified intellect perform their worldly duties without any attachment to its fruit. They dedicate all their works and its results to God

However, the karm yogis do not get any joy from such worldly pleasures. Instead, they enjoy the bliss of God, who resides inside them.

In this way Krushna explain confused Arjuna difference between Karm yoga and Karma sanyas.